Loads of passion but no piles of money?

Let's Work Together

We produce, mix and master a song in a week!

Who It’s For:

Singer - Songwriter

Have a great song but no band to record it with? Let us be your band!

Up & Coming Artist

Ready to get your music out to the world? This is the perfect place to start!


Searching for a top notch demo? Look no further!

Packages Offered

Our affordable pricing:


Driven by a piano or acoustic guitar with subtle elements such as percussive loops, simple pads and elegant strings, this organic package is a great starting point for those really trying to work on a budget.

We will tune your vocal for you as well as mix and master the project in house to ensure we keep the true vibe of the song alive and well.


This fundamental package has all the creative tools needed to deliver a high caliber track that will stand up against the competition. We will track a lead vocal for you, or add background vocals in addition to your vocal you supply in addition to tuning all vocals.

The tracks will especially come to life with synths, strings, pianos, horns, lead and rhythm guitars, not to mention bass guitar and a full drum kit. Then to top it all off mixing and mastering will ensure the track is completely polished.


This package is for those musicians who want a high end demo, or really want to step up their game to a new level.

This all inclusive package delivers the whole array of sounds, instruments and production required to make the song come alive as well as professional mixing and mastering, all to produce a high level record.

Let’s get started

Contact & Frequently Asked Questions

When does my time start?
The clock starts the next business day following us receiving a reference track and a deposit. Please fill out our form first to begin the process and we will go more in depth on what this entails if you have more questions.
What if I don’t like the finished project?
It is our goal to make good music first and foremost, and we will do our best to communicate through the process so that we can give you exactly what you’re looking for. If there is a major issue we will work with you to resolve it though this may require extra time.
Do I get 100% of the rights to the record

Yes! Once the project is complete and the final payment has been made then we will send you the track. We won’t collect any royalties or demand any other cuts afterward.

Doesn’t lower budget mean lower quality?

Not at all, it’s simply that we have streamlined the process. Instead of spending a week renting out an expensive studio and paying a producer to spend time tracking each individual instrumentalist and vocalist, we instead have musicians who all record their parts in their own studios, cutting down on cost and time. A producer who then is used to working with each of these musicians compiles all the parts and makes sure the final product is up to snuff.

What if I want to play on my own record?

That’s great! Just make sure you have all those parts pre recorded and ready to go on their own separate track so that we can put them in with any other parts.

What if I want something that isn’t included in my package?

We are more than willing to add on different elements for a set price.

Why would people use this service?

Work with a smaller budget

There’s nothing worse than having a great song that you want everyone to hear but can’t pay to rent out a large studio and producer. We solve that problem for you by still giving you everything you’d get from a big studio just on a budget.

Just Starting Out

This is a great way to get your first taste in making quality records and a great launching ground for amazing things to come.

Technical Difficulties

Have no idea how to work a DAW, how to work a compressor, or what the flip parallel compression is? That’s fine – you don’t have to. Simply worry about creating the best song possible and we’ll take of the EQ’s, auxes and plugin chains.


Stems / Backing tracks

Missing something from your live shows? It may simply be a few extra parts to back you up and add more depth and fullness to your sound that will be sure to capture people’s attention.

High End Demos

If you’re looking to pitch songs to artists or labels don’t overlook this service as we will make sure to get you a great slamming track to peak interest in your song.

Singer - songwriter

You obviously have the singing and the songwriting part down, but what about all the other musical parts? We can work with you to fill in all the gaps and rifts so that the finished product isn’t missing a beat.

Why song in a week
was started:

Song In A Week is built on a team mentality, and working together with phenomenal musicians, vocalists, engineers, mixers, and masterer’s to produce the best music we possible can for you.

Each one of us knows what it’s like to have a lot of passion but be constricted by your budget, so we have banded together to help combat that struggle. Our whole mission is to deliver you a quality song without breaking the bank.